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Our Camera Club promotes the use of digital cameras, attempting to increase the photographic skills of our members by providing photography talks by highly regarded professional photographers. We are based at the Bournemouth Electric Club just down from Bournemouth’s Castle Point Shopping Centre, but often we’re found traveling around the Dorset Area participating in camera workshops.


Come and learn how to use your camera with confidence


When you come along to the Bournemouth Electric Camera Club we hope that you can become comfortable with some of the various creative modes which are available on your digital SLR. If you can get to grips with your camera’s main controls and gain the confidence to not just use the automatic modes. Our camera workshops are a great way to find out about these modes in an informal group learning enviroment.


If you are keen on learning more about portrait photography and have ever wondered ‘How to make your subject stand out from the background’ then maybe come and find out at our camera club. Are you a budding sports photographer and want to know How to capture fast action, even when it’s heading right for you. Come along to our camera club nights in Bournemouth and find out.


Photography Education and Learning


A lot of people expect that their several hundred pounds digital SLR camera can’t take a poor photograph, they have just spent their cash on the latest model and putting the camera in Auto and pointing the camera lens somewhere towards the subject will result in a quality image. When they realise that this is not the case come along and Join our camera club. Our members are willing to discuss and share the latest news about what works and what doesn’t in the world of photography. Where is the best place to get a spare battery for my camera ? What is Aperture ? What is camera raw and how will shooting in raw help.


You will find a printable version of our current program here


All photos on this website were taken by the club. Visit the Bournemouth Electric Camera Club’s Website┬áto see more of their work.